Flexible Pass (25% additional points)

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MYANMORE Card users get 25% additional Flexpoints on loading 50 Flexpoints or more.


Getting fit couldnt have been more easier!! MYANMORE Card users get 25% additional Flexpoints on loading 50 Flexpoints or more.

Flexible Pass is a fitness pass that you can use from their Android / iOS mobile application or Flexible Pass website to see the locations, prices and class schedules of their partner gyms/fitness centers in Yangon and access them with suitable prices.

Flexible Pass aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Myanmar by providing them with affordable and flexible fitness options. It is the first ever fitness pass in Myanmar that can be used at over 40 gyms/fitness centers in Yangon. It can be used for gym usage, attending over 80 different types of fitness classes, Swimming, Rock Climbing and Indoor Skydiving. Flexible Pass have plans to expand to other cities outside Yangon and also expand to other health & fitness categories soon.

In order to use the deal & for verification of 25% bonus points of MYANMORE Card Holders, you need to send your MYANMORE Card photo which has your name and card number either to their info email([email protected]) or their facebook page message box if you are buying Flexible Pass by a non-cash method so the Flexible Pass team can verify and load the additional points. If you are buying by cash, you can physically show your MYANMORE card or show as a photo of it in person to Flexible Pass sales executive who goes and collect payments by cash.

Here are terms and conditions of the promotion for MYANMORE Card Holders

1. No limit on the number of times the users can get 25% bonus points. MYANMORE Card holders will get it every time they reload 50 FlexPoints or more

2. This 25% bonus points cannot be used in combination with any other existing Flexible Pass promotions. For e.g if Flexible Pass is offering 15% bonus points to people, MYANMORE Card Holders cannot combine that 15% and 25% from MYANMORE card to get 40% bonus points in total. You will only be able to get 25% bonus points.

3. MYANMORE Card Holders must inform the Flexible Pass team with their Flexible Pass username & email and show proof (email, Facebook messenger or original card copy) that they are a Myanmore Card Holder within 2 days from the purchase date to receive the 25% bonus points.

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Flexible Pass, Upper Pansodan Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
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Flexible Pass, Upper Pansodan Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)